Lamborghini Revuelto

The all-new exhilarating trump card of Lamborghini is set to burn the Indian streets with an expected launch in September 20, 2023. Priced at an approximate estimate of Rs. 10 Cr., it is most definitely worth every penny. Just preliminary to the 60th anniversary of the marque, Lamborghini unveiled the Revuelto, which established a state-of-the-art benchmark in performance, on-board improved technology, and driving rapture. The first pre-eminent HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle) hybrid super sports car that will give one that ultimate thrill that has been long searched for over the decades.

Exhilarating performance

The Revuelto has an expeditious acceleration of 0-100 KM/H (0-62 MPH) in 2.5 secs., reaching a breath-taking top sped of 350 kmph and a displacement of 6498.5 cm³ (396.6 cu in). The internal combustion engine is a spectacular V12 NA 6.5 l, a revolutionizing 12.6:1 compression ratio, with max. power of 825 CV (607 kW) @ 9250 rpm and max. torque of 725 Nm @ 6750 rpm. Its splendid dry sump lubrication system, liquid cooled system which is a dedicated circuit for HV components is simply awe-inspiring. In addition, its PFI – Bosch engine management system, EU6; LEV III; CN6b emission class and 4 pre-cats close to engine, 4 lambda sonds emission control system takes it to another level. The engine entirely rescripts the Lamborghini technical paradigm with a unique exhaust system that decreases backpressure at high revs, an intake system with enhanced torque and power, a state-of-the-art oil and water system and an enhanced valve train.

Driving modes

The merger of driving and hybrid modes permits the dynamic intersection between V12 engine and e-motors to exhibit 13 different driving experiences that promise an out of this world experience. The experiences compass four main brackets in accordance to the environment: Città (fully electric and AWD on demand), Strada (for solace and smoothness), Sport (for sensitivity and fun-to-drive), and Corsa (stirring, high-end performance).


Inside the Revuelto, the conception of the carbon fiber monocoque is driven to a whole new level by expanding it to the front end, generating a monofuselage that focuses on aeronautics for its inspiration. This has brought to life a revolutionary chassis and a central monocoque in forged composites, a technology more sustainable than your usual manufacturing processes. This unique solution maximizes weight reduction, tensional stiffness, and brawn shielding the car and its occupants in case of a mishap.


The Revuelto comes with an 8-speed double-clutch gearbox established transversally at the back of the engine. This location preference accords several advantages, such as aiding in weight balance, enhancing cabin space, and maximizing its hybrid potential due to the configuration with the back electric motor, permitting the gearbox either to start the engine as well as recharge the battery or reinforce the electric drive and execute regenerative braking. Furthermore, an elevated clutch torque capability enhances performance.

Last but not least, the gearbox’s Dual Clutch System permits various shift profiles to balance the driving modes – from urban driving to the thrill of utmost acceleration.

Acute handling

 The fantastic Electronics stability control (ESC) integrating ABS and TCS along with contrasting features in accordance with the chosen driving mode gives you superior handling capability in the driver’s seat. The front and rear twin wishbone with LMR dampers - Lamborghini Magneride gives it the ultimate suspension type along with its EPS (Electronic Power Steering). It has CCB Plus (Carbon Ceramic Brakes) with fixed mono-block callipers in aluminium including 10 pistons in the front (410x38mm discs) and 4 pistons in the rear (390x32mm discs), which makes its braking system unique. 

Extravagant Exteriors

This car pays homage to the Lamborghini tradition and ushers in a new aeon even in its exterior. While its silhouette follows the renowned single center line, the distinct sculpted lines and smooth negative radiuses stir a high-tech shape that puts it unmistakably in the contemporary generation of supercars. The legendary V12 is commemorated by being on full display. The car is a combination of classic proportions with powerful, sculpted lines that guarantee a fresh future. Discover a silhouette that manifests confidence, brawn, power and innovative aerodynamics.

Brilliant Interiors

The Revuelto interiors brings the “Feel Like a Pilot” notion to its extreme expression: basic volumes, symmetry, and a driver-focused perspective make the cockpit a sanction station for the driver. The futuristic environment gives a seamless connection to driver and machine, while its exclusive hexagon-shaped elements complete the dual mission of summoning past models and highlighting modern functional features. Its connected navigation services give you nothing but the best, first/last mile navigation, real-time traffic information, map update over the air, online POI search, weather information, online smart routing, tank stop information, online road assistance, speed/curfew/valet/geofencing alert, stolen vehicle indicator, antitheft alarm notification, Lamborghini vehicle tracking system.

LDVI 2.0

The Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics (LDVI) also encountered a redesign. This advanced and extremely efficient 2.0 version handles the torque on the single wheel and in cases of longitudinal and lateral issuance for a more zestful traction central logic that totally adapts to certain wheel behaviours while acceleration and braking. Furthermore, this revamped genre of the LDVI can foretell the terrain grip and tune the acceleration and braking power disposition to ensure the best performance and control.

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