Volvo XC90

Volvo’s XC90 mild-hybrid facelift was launched on 21st September, 2022 in India and priced at 98.5 Lakhs. Engineered to go the extra mile. Energy harnessed for a smoother experience with Volvo’s mild hybrids. Breathtaking performance

Volvo’s XC90 mild-hybrid facelift was launched on 21st September, 2022 in India and priced at 98.5 Lakhs. Engineered to go the extra mile. Energy harnessed for a smoother experience with Volvo’s mild hybrids.

Breathtaking performance

An awe-inspiring all-wheel drive, auto transmission, 300 hp mild hybrid with an acceleration of 0-100 in 6.7 secs. It has max. engine power of 220 kW and torque of 420 Nm, giving it a top speed of 180 kmph. 

Tailpipe emission reduction

Volvo’s mild hybrids recover energy production from braking and it is stored in a 48V battery. When energy is utilized, fuel intake and tailpipe emissions are decreased.

 Refined mobility

The car has been engineered for deliverance of smooth take-offs as well as refined acceleration, which makes both city and highway driving more luxurious. The active chassis with air suspension continuously regulates ride height and adapts shock absorbers to improve stability and give a dynamic and comfortable ride with utmost energy efficiency at top speeds. When circumstances demand, Off Road mode can be activated for better ground clearance.

Fuel efficiency

Each drop of fuel conserved helps – and in Volvo’s mild hybrids, enjoyment of lower fuel intake without the experience of performance compromises.

Amazing Features

7-Seater and load compartment space

It can seat up to seven people to travel in comfort with and excellent view in individual and ergonomically designed seating. All the seats can adjust with ease to match personal preferences, in the third row two passengers can ride comfortably with spacious legroom. On the second row each seat slides and reclines in an individual manner for maximization of comfort or further improve legroom in the third. Furthermore, to facilitate entry and exit of the third row, the outer seat backrests of the outer seat second row fold in convenience as well as it can be pushed forward. Moreover, enhancing versatility, each back seat is simple to tuck individually into the floor of the load area in order to transport both passengers as well as cargo without comfort compromise.

The load compartment area is spacious enough for 4 suitcases and one cabin bag with the rear seats up. It can hold a cargo capacity of up to 709 l.

Powered tailgate

The tailgate can be opened or closed conveniently from the outside by remote control or via tailgate buttons as well as dashboard. Sensors surrounding the tailgate opening aid enhance safety when closing. The power tailgate may as well be programmed to open to a low height than its maximum, very handy when parking in a garage that has limited roof height. For that added convenience upon loading, integrated illumination will light up the area below the tailgate that makes it simple to open when hands full, comfortable hands-free opening and closing function can be added– just by moving your foot below the rear bumper, the tailgate opens and closes as per your convenience.

Entertainment at its best

The XC 90 is equipped with a Bowers & Wilkins high fidelity audio system that comprises of 19 hi-fi speakers, 15 channels, 1410W output, fresh air subwoofer including four different room modes.

Outstanding display

The head-up display gives vital information so it appears at a distance in the field of vision comfortable for the eyes. Keep your eyes on traffic and simultaneously see actual speed, speed limits, navigation of directions and much more. Changing focus or looking down is not required, which means less strain on vision. The brightness of display adapts automatically in accordance to lighting, and the system can be set to suit personal preferences as well as linking it to memory functions for the seat which is power-operated.

The next generation information display with 12-inch driver depicts all necessary driver information which is required to keep you constantly updated. Designed to provide intuitive command and may easily be tailored according to requirements as well as current driving situation. The driver data display comprises dual display modes which shows different levels of data: Calm and Navi.

The huge centre display including touch screen permits intuitive control of the Volvo functioning – wearing your gloves as well. It gives you direct access to in-built Google apps and services, which includes Google Assistant, Maps and Play store. On the lower section, you have direct access to mostly used features like park assist views of the camera and the in-car apps. The portrait format facilitates overview when navigating, if required, you can simply rearrange most of the buttons according to your preferences.

Tech and comfort hand in hand

The improved air purifier prevents up to 95 per cent of dangerous PM 2.5 particles that enter. This ensures better and healthier air quality, despite the outside conditions. Moreover, monitoring of particle and pollen levels outside is a possibility.

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