Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The contemporary ride cruising the Indian streets at an extremely economic cost starting from Rs. 1,49,900. A shot of style, torque and fun, all the intense flavours of pure motorcycling in one neat package.

Muscle for hustle

With its compact wheelbase, lightweight body and tight contour, this bikes frame includes a set of wheels for an ultimate manoeuvrable experience. A 350 cc J-engine packing exceptional muscle for every single hustle. Its intuitive ergonomics makes it stand out in the crowd, its 790 mm seat height, broad contours and spectacular stand-over technology allow easy handling and a comfy riding experience, also while navigating in stop-and-go traffic.

Legerity without fragility

At the core beats a long stroke, fuel–injected engine that delivers a smoother trip, elevated RPM and torque. In collaboration with a firm downtube spine framework as well as grounded suspension, the Hunter 350 provides the correct amount of accuracy and power. Doesn’t matter if you are revving up the motorway or gunning down the city streets it’s an epic experience.

 The only Royal Enfield in making to feature superior 17-inch front and rear tyres for manoevrability, and distinct cast alloy wheels. The tubeless tyres permit an uninterrupted ride, without the puncture tension.

Its dual channel ABS is engineered for unpredictable urban environments, the anti-lock braking structure with front 300 mm and rear 270 mm discs get you safely to a stop even in short distances, keeping you steadily in control.

Digi-analogue instrument cluster

Screaming out to the analogue era but flawlessly in sync for contemporary cruising, it features a retro-style speedometer united with a digital LCD screen which gives you all answers and is compatible with the accurate Royal Enfield Tripper Navigation System. Also, the retro-inspired rotary analogue switch cubes ensure powering up and take off is tactile and is designed for a wake-up call.

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